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As a child, my father brought home a TWA calendar from a business trip. The glossy photos of iconic TWA destinations immediately struck me. Several years later, my grandparents moved from New York to Florida. I took my first ride on an airplane alone at 8 years old to visit them. To this day, I still remember the excitement as I took my first steps inside an airport and from that moment on,  I was hooked. Immediately, I knew then and there that I wanted to grow up doing something in the travel industry!


That first flight from Newark to Florida would be one of my shortest journeys which have taken me to: Tahiti (10 times so far!), Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Japan (lived there for 3 years),Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Hawaii numerous times, across the US and more.

With over 30 years as a travel advisor, I have had the pleasure of designing unique and unforgettable trips for clients around the globe. I have a passion for the Pacific...especially Hawaii and the South Pacific. I am proud to say that I am one of the top 32 Certified Tahiti Specialists in the USA per Tahiti Tourism. 


Whether it is a honeymoon, anniversary, family vacation, group travel or simply a getaway, my passion is to elevate your experience, make it unique to you, connect with each other while sharing your travel adventures near or far. With "out of the box" ideas, deep industry knowledge and personal connections with hotel managers, concierges and staff along with "extra benefits" to turn those travel dreams into a reality exclusively for you. Why trust your hard earned money and time by booking online with no one to turn to when plans go awry? Your travel dreams deserve an exceptional, expert, qualitative travel planner! Contact me for your complimentary consultation appointment today.  As the Chief Travel Designer/Owner of GeoLuxe Travel LLC, it will be an honor and pleasure to be of service.

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