Europe...from the witnessing of the Aurora Borealis while soaking in the thermal lagoon of Iceland to soaking in the warm Mediterranean waters of Greek islands while imbibing your favorite local drink!

River cruises such as the Rhine, Danube, Elbe and Rhone offer changing vista right from your stateroom without having to pack your bags with each stop! Visit castles, museums filled with rich cultural and artistic riches, gardens, cities to mix and mingle with the locals while gaining an inside tip or two.

Italy beckons travelers to wander the canals and alleys of Venice, the rows of growing grapes in Tuscany while partaking a glass or two of a winemakers prized wine, sampling finely aged Prosciutto appetizer salad while dining in one of the finest establishments in the local neighborhoods of Parma. Don't forget to try your hand at making traditional pasta a cooking class that can be found in any Italian city!

Iconic cities such as London, Paris, Rome and Athens beckon with 24/7 action by day and night. Wandering through history in each one takes quite awhile to enjoy to it's fullest. Many clients return again and again.

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