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Discover this vast continent also known as “The Land Down Under”. The country is blessed with an amazing array of unique wildlife, flora, fauna, natural wonders, a rich indigenous culture and a vibrant welcoming warmth extended to visitors from around the globe.


From the barren outback, to lush tropical rainforests, to bustling exciting cities, Australia offers something for everyone! It’s a destination not to be missed.


Custom Australia Excursions

This is just a small sample of custom excursions that can be made for you.

Aboriginal Guides

Learn and explore the Aboriginal culture at Uluru (also known as Ayres Rock) with your Aboriginal Guide whom will share stories of the “Dreamtime” which are handed down through the ages.

Beach Views from Above

Take a seaplane ride to view the iconic white and turquoise beaches of the Whitsunday Islands off the Queensland Coast. Enjoy miles of the whitest beach and pristine waters to snorkel with the wonderous marine life to swim in the warm tropical waters along side you.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Climb the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge which is dubbed as “The Coathangar” for a fantastic view. The best views are at sunrise and sunset for a different perspective.


See Australia Before You Go

Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | couple sitting in Australian outback
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | couple holding koalas
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | woman snorkeling with large fish
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | Sydney Opera House
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | People at a winery
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | people looking at ocean life
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | helicopter ride over the ocean
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | colorful field
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | hot air balloons
Custom Australia Vacation | GeoLuxe | aerial beach

Photos courtesy of Australia Tourism

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