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Central America

The fascinating weaving of traditional baskets, handicrafts and other artisnal items made wsith many natural and animal hair fibers such as wool from llamas can be found in many marketplaces throughout places such as Guatemala and Honduras. Scuba divers from around the world come to dive the famous "Blue Hole" off the coast of Belize. Costa Rica is home to a biodiversity of plants, animals and birds offering a nature lovers paradise to explore in addition to the magnificent beaches and active volcanoes.

South America

From the mighty Amazon River meandering through the Northern half to the wilds of penguins a plenty at the very tip in Tierra Del Fuego. South America offers many vast cultural experiences to see and savor.

Peru offers the infamous Macchu Picchu along with it's many legendary trails to hike and amazing vistas. Lima has become one of the hottest foodie destinations of late. A flight over the Nazca Lines is truly a wondrous experience not to be missed!​

Chile is home to the vast Atacama Desert, the backbone of the Andes where heli-skiing during our summer presents great opportunities for the snow lovers, Santiago is a charming and safe city with lots of museums and nightlife. Don't forget to consider a side trip to the Nat Geo worthy and unique like no where else...that is the Galapagos!

Argentina is home to tango, grass fed beef that is cooked on an open spit in many restaurants and absolutely melt in your mouth meal. Vastly different from US raised beef! Buenos Aires is a huge metropolis filled with history such as the reign of Evita Peron. You can visit her family gravesite in the fascinating Recoleta cemetary with monolithic burial vaults. Take in a ride with the gauchos (cowboys) while staying at a private estancia (ranch)and  enjoying one of the fine renown wines of Mendoza or Malbec.

Brazil is famous for Rio and it's city and beach personality! Truly a vibrant nightlife filled with young and old enjoying all it offers. Watching a Brazil soccer match is not to be missed to see the exhilaration and passion the natives have for their team! Don't forget to take in the view from the top of Corcovado mountain where the famous Christ the Redeemer statue stands with arms outstretched overlooking Rio.


Custom Central & South America Excursions

This is just a small sample of custom excursions that can be made for you.

Panama Canal

Discover the history and witness ships passing through the mighty Panama Canal.

National Parks

Take in the glacial scenery at Torres Del Pain National Park, Chile.


Watch the romantic and artful dance of the tango in Argentina.


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