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Experience the Islands of Love! Tahiti and Her 118 Islands lie in the Pacific Ocean, just south of the equator, in the same time zone as Hawaii, only 8-1/2 hours by air from Los Angeles, midway between North America and Australia. Tahiti has long been referred to as a tropical paradise - these extraordinary islands are for people seeking a unique, luxurious or adventurous romantic experience. You'll have time to relax and do nothing, bask in the sun, or try one of the many activities available. Famous for overwater bungalows, unlike any other hotel room you've stayed in before, these traditional thatched-roof bungalows are perched above the turquoise lagoon waters. In many of the rooms, tropical fish swim below as you look through the glass floor or coffee table. There are also overwater bungalows with a private pool on the deck or in your private garden villa. For the deep Polynesia history and culture, a visit to the Marquesas will provide you with insights that have continued for many millennia.


Custom Tahiti Excursions

This is just a small sample of custom excursions that can be made for you.

Picnic Lagoon Lunch

Enjoy a picnic lagoon lunch of Tahiti's national dish which is "Poisson cru" along with the bird and marine life to entertain you while you dine.

Scenic Hikes

Your hiking guide can take you on hikes from easy to very hard. Along the way, you can learn about the ancient "mares", uses of plants and flowers which are used for many purposes for everyday and medicinal purposes. The bounty that nature provides the islanders have sustained their lives through the generations is shared with visitors. 

Heiva Festival

A traditional Tahitian song and dance show is not to be missed. Every year, the Heiva Festival and Competition is a unique experience to take in the Islands of Tahiti.


See Tahiti Before You Go

Tahiti Trip Planner | GeoLuxe | over water bungalow
Tahiti Trip Planner | GeoLuxe | Tahitian women
Tahiti Trip Planner | GeoLuxe | stand up paddle boarding
Tahiti Trip Planner | GeoLuxe | over water bungalows
Tahiti Trip Planner | GeoLuxe | over water bungalows
Tahiti Trip Planner | GeoLuxe | beachfront pool
Tahiti Trip Planner | GeoLuxe | two chairs on a beach with a palm tree
Tahiti Trip Planner | GeoLuxe | beachfront pink flowers
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