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Cruising today has become much more interest focused on destinations and interests followed by excursions/amenities offered. The overall value is the enrichment of exploring, learning and connecting with each other while sharing in the experiences together. Making sure that the ship fits your desires is very important for the overall journey thus providing us with your needs and expectations upfront will assist us in presenting the best options and values for you.


Custom Cruise Destinations

This is just a small sample of custom excursions that can be made for you.

French Polynesia

Travel to some of the most remote islands on earth on a working ferry(half is a cruise ship) route that travels the islands of French Polynesia. You can meet natives that have continued the traditional ways of living here for many millennia whom love to share their culture with visitors. 

Canals of France

Barge cruising the canals of France and visit the local towns and renown wineries along the way.  

European Rivers

Discovering the many European rivers filled with history while sailing on a luxurious river cruise with guided excursions and decadent dining of regionally chef crafted mouthwatering delights.

Panama Canal

Watch the amazing machinery in action as you transit the locks of the mighty Panama Canal.


Photograph the amazing penguins, dolphins and whales up close on an expedition to Antarctica.

Fiji, Belize, or Micronesia

Snorkel and dive in pristine waters such as Fiji, Belize,Micronesia which are renown for beautiful corals and marine life to dance in front of your eyes.


Family friendly amenity filled cruise ships ply the Caribbean waters year round.

Galapagos Islands

The wondrous land and sea animals of the Galapagos islands provide insightful learning of these creatures that are not found anywhere else on earth. See giant tortoises, blue footed booby birds, comical sea lions and more.

Cruise the Greek Islands & Mediterranean

Visit historical ports of call. Take in the ancient wonders of the islands formed by volcanoes in the Greek Islands. View sunrises and sunsets amongst the whitewashed and blue domed architecture. 

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